CALIFORNIA GIRLSThe Alpha Gams are hip, unhunf Just try us and you'll see.The way we are, we're the best by fare, It's great to be an AGD.Join us now-well show you how-your pride will grow and grow.You've pledged the best, so forget the rest,Alpha Gam's the only way to go.ChorusWish you all could be Alpha Gamma, Wish you all could be Alpha Gamma,Wish you all could be Alpha Gamma.Sisterhood is h?re, unhun, We promise you fun and more,Friendship that's true, all in store for youEverytime you walk through our door.You'll go around this great big row and see all kinds of girlsBut you just can't wait to get back to our gate,Back to the cutest girls in thw worldChorus. 01 Hey Look Us Over by … Guided by our Purpose, Alpha Gamma Deltas strive to attain a higher standard, thereby improving their lives, the lives of those around them, and the communities in which […] Sweet. REMEMBER ALPHA GAMRemember Alpha Gam forever more.Remember if you and up rich or poorThe things we did the things we saidThe fun of each day, makes each of us feel afeeling so real it'sMore than words can say.Together we've been through good and bad,Now parting to us seems to sad,But you'll come back, we know you willAnd waiting we'll be, to sit awhile and talkAbout our memories of AGDRemember the days that we first met,Remember those days we won't forgetGood times are past we've had our funYou're on your own now though we go ourseparate waysWe'll meet again somehow. Spell. BUTTONS AND BOWS (con.) Archive. In this organization I have fulfilled philanthropic duties such as raising money for Juvenile Diabetes and continuous volunteer work throughout the year. Summer 2019. Beer!The Cheer!We are so young,, It's time we've begunThe Alpha Gam's are here! The Fraternity promotes academic excellence, philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership and personal development, and a spirit of loving sisterhood. Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Alpha Beta Gamma Delta. OUR PLEDGE OF FAITH (Auld lang Ayne)To those whose hearts, are ever with usthough miles may lie between.We lift the rose of friendship up,The red, the buff, the green,We lift the rose, we pledge the heart,                                 iAnd clasp the unseen handsOf sisters dear whose true love hereJoins band to sister bands, GOOD-BYE SONG tune: "Yankee Doodle"Alpha Gam has welcomed you and we've had so muhfun,Hope you've had ..a good time too,But now it's time to run,ALPHA GAMMA DELTA,ALPHA GAMMA DELTA,ALPHA GAMMA DELTA,ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, says fairwell to you, WONDERING tune: "The Happy Wanderer"You no doubt are a wonderingfrom day to busy dayWhat house will bring from you a smile *and we all hopeyou'll say---ALPHA GAM, ALPHA GAM, ALPHA GAM,ALPHA Ga-a-a-a-a-a-mAlpha Gam, Alpha GamWe do hope you'll agree(repeat). Write. . I'M AN ALPHA GAM . 10. I can not seeI have not brought my specks with me,-or-My teeth.•„ aredull.o. Today's Deals Your Gift Cards Help Whole Foods Registry Sell Disability Customer Support. Name three of the Ten Songs every Alpha Gamma Delta should know. Join Alpha Gam today.You'll find your clouds turn to sunshine,Alpha Gams are 8K. When I opened it, I was super excited to see I got a bid from the chapter that made me feel so loved and welcome, Alpha Gamma Delta!!! Hey Hey..Alpha Gam! I am an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta, a social sorority. Try Prime Books Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. TOP TIER. I dreamed I'd lost all I hold dearWhen I awoke, I was mistakenAlpha Gams are always near(repeat first verse). 1. initiation song 1. reverie 3. our pledge of faith 4. farewell song 5. chums 6. grace 7. pledge song 8. fraternity 9. candle lighting time 10. hymn. ALPHA GAM ALPHA GAM tuner "Edilveis"Alpha Gam Alpha GamWe will love you for everLoyalty, fraternityBinding us always togetherRed and buff rose may you bloomBloom and grow forever.Alpha Gam, Alpha GamWe love you forever. that makes you feel so frisky. See more ideas about delta gamma, delta, gamma. days: of "auld lang syne***And the visions clear our founders hadAtr candllghtin& time*. Morning"With love and with friendshipWith sisterhood ever to^lastWe'll love AGD till the end of our daysTo share and to giveWith all of the love that we have in our heartsThese friends that we chooseWe're sisters foreverBound in fraternity one.With every new morningThe warmth of the sun fills the day.With light in our heartsWe are all on our wayWe'll be on our own (our own)Yet as Alpha Gams we will always be oneAnd then we'll move on remembering sisters, long after twilightis gone. Oh come and drink beer., with meOh, I don't give a damn 'bout any old manWho won't drink beer with meGet out the old, gold, goblet with the Alpha Gam upon it.And lets all have another keg of beer,More beer!For it's not for the knowlegde that we come to collegeBut to drink more beer while we'er ...Chase men while we'reRaise hell while we're here!. AGP CHEERK-D, K-D, Kalawala wadieKalawala wingo dingo dadie,Osh, gosh kalawala wosh, kalawala wingodingo dosh, Oskie waa, sis boom bah,Alpha Gamma Delta Rah Rah Rah. PDF of the scanned pages. Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Beta chapter at Washington State University showing our values! AGD Alpha Gamma Delta Blue Floral … Alpha Gamma Delta was chartered at The University of Alabama in 1921 as one of the first women's fraternities on campus. Song: Our Youth by Sonny Alven ft. Emmi Link to sign up for recruitment: ... Alpha Gamma Delta and Kappa Delta Rho Dance the Madness 2017 - Towson University - Duration: 6:37. ΑΓΔ is an international women's fraternity, founded in 1904 at Syracuse University. :, AGP HYMNFather, let thy blessings fall• On our members one and allGrant to us from day to dayTo live more nearly as we pray.ChorusIn our Alpha Gamma Deltawe would be Faithful unto Thee,dear Lord, In our fraternityLet each sister ever be,Consecrated Lord, to Thee:Help us as lifefs path we plodTo draw each day still nearer God.Chorus-. SONG FOR ASKINGHere is our song for the askingAsk ua and we will play-So sweetly we'll make you smileThis is our tune for the taking.Take it-don't turn awayWe've been waiting quite awhile.Thinking it over, the fun we've hadThinking it over we'd be more than gladTo join you for the asking.The love you've had from our sistersYou've cared and so have weCompletely, that's unity.Our Alpha Gamma and DeltaProud of our high idealsCome join in our Fraternity.Thinking it over, the fun we've had,Thinking it over, we'd be more than gladTo join you for the askingAsk us and we will playAll the love we have insideFor the asking. national Panhellenic conference - Rowan University, 2016 Rulebook - University of Missouri Greek Life, panhellenic recruitment 2016 - EKU Greek Life - Eastern Kentucky, Sorority On-Line Recruitment Guide - Troy University, Kappa Kappa Gamma History - University of Illinois Archives, 1988-89 Winter - The Delta Chi Fraternity, Associate Member Program - Delta Chi | Kansas State Chapter, Download PDF - University of Idaho Library, Brothers Serve in Peace Corps - Alpha Gamma Rho, Brotherhood and the Bottle: A Cultural Analysis of the Role of, 1964 Football Program - Central Michigan University. SO THERE!We know all the tricks in the books we have readso why don't you come and try us in bedWe're easy at first we don1t put up a fightand we'll really have some fun tonight! Archive. .# you take some hairAnd then you put it all togetherWith the aid of sring and glueAnd I got more loving from a god-damn dummyThen I ever got from you.You  take the arms from a Chi OmegaYou  take the legs from a Gamma PhiYou  take the body of Kappa Alpha ThetaYou  take the brain from a Pi Beta Phi....Pi Beta PhiAnd  then you put it all together.. ...YUCK. ROSE SONG tunesMDrink to only"-Her's to the rose, the Crimson: roseOf our fraternity;Her's to the rose, the fair BuffRose,in all its purity.Of all the flowers that bud or bloomWith cloud or sun above,•Tis to the rose of either hue*.We pledge our deepest love.When first to the rose we pledgedWe pledged in Jollity;.Memory now has hallowed the loveWe sacredly bring to thee,Oh, Alpha Gamma; Rose,Our Cherished floral sign,May all that in noblest and purest and bestBe ever and always thine. Key Concepts: Terms in ... You can't beat the girls that you're among If you like to laugh and I'm sure you do Alpha Gamma Delta is the one for you Hey Hey..Alpha Gam! Nach dieser Zählweise sind die Gesänge Homers nummeriert. 20. Hold fast to the vision of Alpha Gamma Delta, remembering that: "Where there is no vision the people perish." Delta Gamma Songs by Nicole Chennault published on 2015-10-25T23:24:51Z. HERE"S TO ALPHA GAM tunei"It's a Grand Old Flag"Here's to Alpha Gam, Cause that's what I amAnd I wouldn't trade it for the skyiBecause the sky aboveCan't match the loveThat we find in our Epsilon Pi!Let every girl be seen that wears Red, Buff and GreenShare a bond through eternity 1Should old acquaintances be forgot,Keep your eye on the alpha gams. We love you soFrontday. Gravity. SOLO (to music of Our Flower Song.) However, at her home in the fall she and Georgia Dickover wrote the beginning of the Initiation Ritual and two of the chapter’s first songs, "Autumn Tints" and the "Initiation Song.” Edith was the mother of the first Alpha Gamma Delta legacy. OUT WAKIN*Never'take  a KD walkinfnever take  an Alpha Phinever take  a Kappa Alpha ThetaNever take  Pi Beta Phi, out walkin'Never take  a Sigma Kappanever take  a Gamma Phinever take  a Chi Omega walkin'Never take  an Alpha ChiIf you want to go out walkin'in a shaddy nook or dellAlways take an Alpha Gamma Delta'Cause she walks so well, and..,She'll neck like he Hand.. •She'll never tell and..... SWEETHEARTLet me call you sweetheartI am crushed I amSince I caught you dating, with another Alpha GamI wanted you to love the girlsThat meant so much to me, that doesn't mean you have to dateThe whole sorority. We do not condone the behavior of the Michigan student who recently posted racist behavior and extremely insensitive content on social media and whose membership was suspended in Summer 2017. 'AGD with buff and red roseWhen a.sister need us, we all heed the call.For we all belong here and feel strong here, when we all walk tall.We prize our health and studies too and we know we just can't fail.For we're a part of Delta Epsilon, the best chapter that anyone know ofAGD with buff and red rose. Marguerite Shepard *first to pledge AGD *chapter vice president until she graduated. AGD songs: Brown eyed squirrel; Sweet home Alpha Gamma . Learn. Alpha Gamma Delta is built on a sisterhood of women with different beliefs, ideologies, needs and experiences. WHORE CORPS.We are the girls from the Alpha Gam whore corpWe are the girls that the men pay more forWe are fully guarenteed to fulfill you've every needOut in the moonlight under the starlightWe are the girls that kiss the boys nighty-nite•Cause we give green stamps.ALPHA GAMMA DELTAALPHA GAMMA DELTA. you probably have these in your song book already. Stream Delta Gamma Songs, a playlist by Nicole Chennault from desktop or your mobile device. initiation Song, Reverie, Our Pledge of Faith, Farewell Song, Chums, Grace, Pledge Song, Fraternity, Candle Lighting Time, Hymn. Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Songtext von Brave New World mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf OLD-FASHION MEDLEYI wanna be, in the best sororityAnd be an Alpha Gam.The only place for me is at AGD.And I am glad I am.I wanna be, I wanna be,I wanna be an Alpha GamThe place to be is AGDAnd I am glad I amOf all the houses on the rowThere's just one way that you can goCome on and be, come on and beCome on and be an Alpha GamAlpha Gamma Delta's the one for me.Yes, I'm proud it's my sorority.We're glad that we have met youWe hope you see that AGDIs the only house for you. The gorgeous Gams dominated in SongFest! To this very day, the Purpose remains unchanged from its beginning. CURTAIN UP tune: "Buggs Bunny overtune"Overture, hit the light, this is it the night of nights.No more rehearsing and nursing our parts.We Know every part by heart.Overture, hit the lights, this is it, we'll hit the heightsAnd oh what heights we'll hit,On with the show this is it. Color:Alpha Gamma Delta (chapters) ASIN B01BQNAY5K Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars 75 ratings. Hello,(repeat above), WHICH WAY TO SISTERHOODWhich way to sisterhoodWhich way to something goodWhich way to loyaltyWhich way to go-o-o-o-oI am an Alpha GamAfm in th knowThe Alpha Gamma way, is the only way to goI am an Alpha GamCan't you see how proud I amI am an Alpha GamIfm in th knowAll of my sisters hereWant you to knowThe Alpha Gamma way is the only wat to go.Go Go Alpha Gamma(chorus)Go Go Alpha Gamma(chorus)We wre the Alpha GamsGo Alpha GammaKnown throughout' the landGo Alpha Gamma, HAPPY ALPHA GAMThere's a road that someday I'm going to walk downWith my sisters all over this land...And I'll dig my toes in that warm and friendly sands....And I■11 be * all through dreaming yes.,..Feel just like laughin' be a Happy Alpha GamLa da da da da , da da da da da (repeat)There's a song that someday I'm going to singWith my sisters all over this land....And I'll throw back my head and I'll sing just like a songbird.And I'll be all through dreaming yes...Feel just like laughin' be a happy Alpha GamLa da da da, da da da da da da(repeat)There's a boy that someday I'll say hello to,And he'll reach out and take my hand....And I'll touchhis face and 1*11 look into his eyes0..And I'll beall through dreaming, yes.....Feel Just like laughin' be a happy Alpha GamLa da da da, da da da da da da (repeat). Created by. rumm, rum, rum,..that makes you want to come4. vFor I'll have all that comin* to meUmm, and a little bit, Umm, and a little bitUmm, and a whole lot more.Iwant to date a college manUmm, and a little bit more.I want to date a fraternity manUmm* and a little bit moreI want to date a__________Then I'll ask no more.For I'll have all that's comin ' to meUmm, and a little bit, Umm, and a little bitUmm, and a whole lot. LAST NIGHTLast night I had the strangest dreamI ever dreamed before,I dreamed the girls of Alpha Gam were sistersever more.I dreamed I saw a Mighty room, the roomwas filled with girls.The one thing that they all held...their Alpha Gam sisters so dear.And when the years had all gone by anda million experiences shared.They all joined hands and oircled roundsisterhood was found. CHUMSChums are we, true blue old chumsAlpha Gam binds,Right loyal she finds us IPals are we, ever we'll beTrue to each other,Dear Alpha Gam Chums. 2:35 0:30. FREE Shipping by Amazon. THE WAY WE WEREMemories of the love that we have shared,Sisters .give to on another in AGD,Scattered memories of the smiles we left behind.Joys we gave to one another, the way we were.With the pearls and rose of Alpha GamWe'll all meet in chapter grandRemembering college times,Nice times, good times.Friendships may be beautiful and yetWe'll move on to new tomorrows with memories we won't forget.So it's the laughter we will rememberWhenever we're- together.The way we were, in AGD. to Mambo #5 Hey guys, sorry to intrude on your forum, but I had this in my files from forever so I thought I would share . Alpha Gamma Delta Songbook (1970s) News, email and search are just the beginning. CALIFORNIA DRINKING SONGOh we had a little party down in NewportThere was Harry there was Larry there was GraceOh we had a little party down in NewportAnd we had to carry Harry from the placeOh we had to carry Harry to the FerryOh we Had to carry Harry to the ShoreAnd the reason we had to carry Harry to the FerryIs that Harry couldn't carry anymore.Calif, Calif, the hills resound with the cryWe1re out to win or dieCalif. what to do on a Saturday night.Then there's....Alpha Gam, Former's Mama's babyAlpha Gam, Daddy no more dads delight.Alpha Gam, isn't any angle.Acts just like the devil every Saturday night. Edl IviesAlpha Gam * Alpha. the landAnd you know that's what I AMWhen he comes, when he comes! MY MOTHER TOLD MEMy mother told me long time agoGirl don't* you pledge anyother house you knowThey'll take all your moneyWear all your clothesWhat in the world becomes of you nobody knowsOh Alpha Gam, Alpha Gam, sure I amAsk anybody in the whole wide worldShe's an Alpha Gam,Shr's a damn good girl!! Candle Lighting TlmeWhen, the dusk grows softly purple*And the western gold turns grey*Then: our hearts go questing* calling*For the friends of yesterday*For the Alpha Gamma comradesOf the days, of ,fauld lang. Only $0.99/month. The first place award winning ladies of Alpha Gamma Delta from the University of Akron dancing to Classic Rock in the 2015 SongFest. Yo ho yo-hu aboard Llm AQB%We hate to see you go good friends, it's such a lovely day.But now we must go iack.aboa^.^d' off to sail away.Yrwko--yn hn n pi^^'lffy^                            virtiu iiUu^rd the^SP.We love to see you coiffe febo«ftay "it's g^acn** a lovely daySo join us on this voyage and were off to sail away. Die milesische Zählweise ist mit geringen Abweichungen aus der im phönizischen benutzten konstruiert. Alpha Gams are honestly the sweetest and most genuine girls on this campus. ROSES IN MAYI give you a. rose, dearA red red roseAnd everyone knows what a red, red roseMay say in the month of May.It gives you a pledge that you gave me,A promise to cherish you tenderly,I give you a rose, dear,A red, red, rose.I give you a rose, dearA sweet, buff rose,And nobody knows what a buff roseMay say in the month of May.It gives you a wealth that none may win,Except Alpha Gamma shall bid them in.I give you a rose dear,A sweet buff rose. tunei " What I did for LoveMI'm an Alpha GamIt's something that I'm proud ofSisterhood and loyaltyAnd the things we do, we do out of love—Alpha Gam is love.Red and Buff and GreenThe roses that we cherishSymbols of fraternityAnd the things we do, we do out of love—Alpha Gam is loveGone, love is never gone*Alpha Gam lives on in our treasured memories.I'm an Alpha GamIt's something that I'm proud of.Sisterhood and loyaltyWon't forgetCan't forget.Alpha Gam is love 1Alpha Gam is love!Alpha Gam is love! Hand in hand … Sing for a pennyTwo for the showAny song that you knowThree to get readyThe long road is wearyAnd four tho go I •You've a long way to go (repeat last line)As I travel all over this landf there is onesad thing that I find,When the wide road calls you must leavefriends and allLeaving song behind, for awhileLeaving a song behind.Chorus tSome value money and some value fame.Some value women and wineBut a song and a friend round each turn of the bondAre riches I'd rather were mine, everytimeAre riches I'd rather were mine.Chorus: SOMEDAY WHEN I LOOK BACK tunes "I gave my love a cheriy"Someday when I look back, what .will I see?What things will I remember from my sorority?When memories do return, what will they be?What happiness and richness did they give me?My sisters gave me friendship that's always true.My sisters gave me loving that grew and grew.They gave me a badge of pearls to wear with prideAnd then they gave me purpose by which I shall abide. I PLEDGED MY HEARTI pledged my heart to a Sig EpHe turned me down, it's trueI lost my Pi Kappa AlphaAnd my Sigma Nu.A lost my sweet Kappa SigmaAnd my Theta Chi too.My man back home got marrirdAnd I'm so blue,I lost my Delta Chi buddyMY ATO doesn't date                               ,My Lamda Chi always StudiesWith the DU's I don't rateMy SAE always fights with meMy TKE makes me blueMy Sigme Chi took his pin awayAnd now my gosh I'm through. Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Binaural Beats Brainwave Entrainment: Sine Wave Binaural Beat Music With Alpha Waves, Delta, Beta, Gamma, Theta Waves, including "Binaural Beats," "Meditation Brainwave Entrainment," "Alpha Waves," and many more. Write. SPEND A NIGHT IN BED WITH KE,The minute you zipped down your pantsI could tell you were a man of action, filled with passionFree and easy! STUDY. Saved by Ann Pollack. Aesop Rock. SPECIAL KIND OF LOVEI searched for something, for something, I knew not what,I found it, a special kind of love.A warmth of friendshipOf kindness, a special kind of caring.a special kind of love.I needed some people to share my joy,I needed a special kind of love.Some people to cheer meWhen I'm feeling low.I needed a special kind of loveI searched for something,For something I knew not what,I "found it, it's Alpha Gamma Love. Start studying Alpha Gamma Delta Test. VIOLENT LOVEI want to make violent love to youAnd hold you all through the night Ba-doey-doAnd kiss you in the pale moonlight Ba-doey-doI want to make violent love to you.I don't want to make you frantis—ohI don't want to cramp your style—noYour driving me wildI want to make whoop-de-dopAnd have a little boy like" you, pu-dopy-doI want to make violent love to you. Gerelateerde video's. MOREBEERMore beer for old Alpha GammaYou bring the whiskeyIrll bring the manS'end those pledges out for gin,And don't let a single active in.We never stagger, we never fallWe sober up on wood alcoholloyal sisters of old Alpha GamBack to the bar for more, LELAND STANFORD JR. FARMOh, itfs beer, beer, beer that makes you feel so queerON the farm: On the farmOh, itfs beer, beer, beerThat makes you feel so queerOn the Leland Standford Jr* Farm.My eyes..are dim.. Thanks for coming by and helping us Melanie Schmidt! CANDLE, LIGHTING TIMEWhen the dusk grows softly purple,And the western gold turns grey,Then our hearts go questing, calling,For the friends of yesterday,For the Alpha Gamma comradesOf the,days of "auld lang syne,"And :X)^L dream of dear old friendshipsWhen it's candlighting time.That's when kindred hearts come closest,That's when bonds are strong and free,And as dancing flames grow steady,Brighten. LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP- tune: "Come Sat. FAREWELL SONGNow though we say good-byTarry a moment longer;Let each day fleeting byBind us in paths lead over the land and seaAlpha Gam will live in our memory.Then till we-meet again.Remember Alpha Gam! Search. Sing songs about my sisters I miss Alpha Gamma once again > I hear others talk about it, No one ever puts it down And I know I will remember There is no better one around Chorus: Sweet home Alpha Gamma Where the girls are so true Sweet home Alpha Gamma Yes I'm coming home to you In Alpha Gam we love our sister(ooh ooh ooh) Copyright © 2001-2020 by The Jack Horntip 95. SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT this is @gabi_manalo, our potential new member educator!-she loves coffee -she loves shawn mendes -her favorite song is ‘a little too much’ by shawn mendes 46th Tactical Fighter Squadron Songbook (1970s)  |  527th Aggressor Song Book (1970s)  |  Alpha Gamma Delta Songbook (1970s)  |  LIT's Songbook (1970s)  |  Southwest Florida Song Book (1970s)  |  Untitled Songbook #1 (1970s)  |  Untitled Songbook #2 (1970s)  650 views; 2 years ago; 2:25. As of November 2019, there are 123 active chapters that have initiated around 197,000 members into the fraternity.This is a list of Alpha Gamma Delta chapters which includes undergraduate and alumnae chapters. Listen to Alpha Gamma Delta Holiday Playlist in full in the Spotify app. High quality Alpha Gamma Delta gifts and merchandise. TO CHERISH AND HONORTo cherish and honor the symbolsof sisterhood Always rememberingthe red, buff and green.Toward unity of purposeAnd spirit of givingWe loyally strive to uphold your ideal.To guard on our honor from now ftilForever the meaning so sacredOf our Alpha GamThe Alpha Gam Roses and Pearls live foreverIn resonat voices we singPraise to you. HUNK ON THE BUNKYou're an Alpha Gam, you can get any manAny every frat lived in fear of your nameYou're the modle of the girl they love,And your name is your claim to fame.You can get any hunk on the top of your bunkAnd the fellows are waiting in lineShould old acquintances be forgotJust keep your eyes on the Alpha Gams. SECRETS NEVER TOLD tune* "Let me call you sweetheart"Let me wear the Alpha on a badge of goldLet me wear the Gamma, secrets never toldLet me hear the sweetest story ever told. Mit dem Musikstreaming von Deezer kannst du mehr als 56 Millionen Songs entdecken, Tausende Hörbücher, Hörspiele und Podcasts hören, deine eigenen Playlists erstellen und Lieblingssongs mit deinen Freund*innen teilen. PLEDGE SONGTake up they shield and helmetFraternal guardian be,Ofer lives and hears entrustedForever unto thee,0 Alpha Gamma DeltaProtector, guide thou art,O'er every pledged sister,And O'er her life, her heart,Beneath thy fair twin rosesThe letters twain we see,That bind us all togetherIn true fraternity.0 Alpha Gamma DeltaProtector, guide thou art,Ofer every pledge sister.And O'er her life, her heart. .And once a month I'll take a short vacationAnd drive the men to utter DesperationAnd once a year I'll go hog wild andHave myself an illegitimate child. REPEAT AGAINfirst you'll feel him gettin' closer'Cause he wants to make the mosteEverything that you can holsterWhen .he comes, when he comesCh his hreath will he fast breathing when he comes, when he comesREPEAT AGAINCh his hreath will he fast breathin'And my panties will he steamin'And you'll never see me leavin'When he comes, when he comes,Oh the bed will be a rockin' when he comes, when he comesREPEAT AGAINOh the bed will be a rockin'And the knees will be a knockin'When he comes, when he comes*He'll he rid in' Alpha Gam's when he comes, when he comesREPEAT AGAINKe'll be rid in' Alpha GamsThey're the hottest in. Q. alpha gamma delta. Research shows today's college students seek a more meaningful membership experience; one with personal and professional benefits; one that inspires them to make … Hello, we hope are friendship growsSo come on in and lets beginComein, come in and we say Hi! MARY MARGARET TRUMAN •Mary Margaret Truman was the daughter of the Pres.She lived up, in the white house with her dad and mother BessNow there's no use debating on her social mannerShe's the daughter of a Pi Beta PhiOh my, myWhen obnoxious Harry got the boot in '52Repulsive Mary Margarget, she had nothing left to doShe went back to Missouri to work in a brewerySo let's all drink beer!Drink beer J Drink beer! Moon, Moon, bright and shiny moonWon't you please shine down on-talk about your shinin-Please shine down on me.For an Alpha Gom. Air on a Tape Loop. you rate.You make us laugh, you make us smile-Too "bad it only lasts awhile! Calling Gamma Ray This is Major … REMEMBER ALL THE FUNRemember all the fun we hadRemember good times and the badRemember maybe you111 come back someda-a-ayRemember what good friends should beRemember girls of AGDRemember maybe you'll come back someda-a-ayAnd someday you will realize sister hood neverever diesAnd then we know that you'll come back somedayRememberf remember, remember,..........REVERIEIn my dreams I hold a new each college friendship tideOld campus chums pass in review , as dream wings flit them byFrom out the ranks, a chosen few, still lingerclose to meAnd stunch and true as year pass is my fraternity(repeat last verse ending with— is Alpha Gam to me.). From there, I met all the wonderful women that would make up my pledge class and my now best friend Katelyn who I had killed a cockroach for the day prior (talk about friendship goals). var sc_remove_link=1; 46th Tactical Fighter Squadron Songbook (1970s). I hesitate to say "Song Book" because it wasn't bound like some of the Song Books I saw up for auction on eBay. Why is AGD considered an International Fraternity. CONSIDER YOURSELFConsider yourself at homeConsider yourself part of the family.We've taken to you so strong.It's clear we're going to get along.If you're rowdy and you want to haveto have a crazy time,If your down and out and need a frind.If you got finals and you needSomeone to study withOn an Alpha Gam you can depend.Consideif yourself a FriendWe don't want to make no fussNo matter what the others say we'll tell-you now-Consider yourself one of us!-0R-Consider yourself at home.Consider us all really the best of friends.We've taken to you so strong;It's clear we're going to get along.Well we hoped you liked, hoped you liked the day today;It was great to have you here.Now we'll say good-bye, say good-bye from Alpha Gam.•■-».Cause the end is* drawing near.Consider yourself first rate.We donft want to have no fussFor after some consideration we can state—Consider yourself one of us.