Charge the pump for a short period of time every day (10 to 15 minutes). Tunneling - This problem appears to be more common with Teflon infusion sets, and is often encountered in golfers, tennis players, and active individuals. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The 13 year old boy who lives down the street asked. The pump is pretty small (measures 2 x 3 x 0.5 inches and weighs 4 oz), has a touch screen, holds up to 300 units of insulin, and is connected to a detachable infusion set by some pretty strong tubing. Continue reading >>, Class 1 Device Recall T:slim Insulin Infusion Pump Class 1 Device Recall T:slim Insulin Infusion Pump Lot Numbers:M000857, M001414, M001454, M001963, M002028,M000869, M001415, M001455, M001964, M002029,M001344, M001416, M001456, M001973, M002030,M001345, M001417, M001457, M001974, M002082,M001346, M001420, M001458, M001979, M002083,M001347, M001421, M001459, M001980, M002096,M001389, M001422, M001460, M001987, M002097,M001390, M001423, M001528, M001988, M002099,M001391, M001451, M001529, M001990, M002100,M001392, M001452, M001530, M001991, M002119,M001393, M001453, M001532, M002027, M002120. And it is a whole lot easier pumping. Table of Contents. I had never had occlusions in 12+ years of pumping with Medtronic and Animas and quickly discovered that the vast majority of these Tandem alarms were false. Mechanical problems cannot be solved by giving more bolus insulin. Even with a pump, it’s still necessary to count the carbohydrates in meals and snacks, match insulin doses to the foods being eaten, monitor blood glucose levels frequently, and make adjustments to meals, exercise, or insulin doses based on monitoring results. Assuming they can easily lead to an unnecessary hospital bill. The first couple of times I panicked at the shrieking pump alarm fearing that something was actually wrong. By then after you eat yours bg should be closer to normal. The FDAs authority doesnt go so far as to govern the minute details of each manufacturers product development and assembly operations, or their quality assurance or customer service policies. Your Dexcom transmitter makes communication with the Dexcom app a priority; therefore, if you walk away from your phone while connected to both the Dexcom app and the t:slim X2 pump, the pump can become disconnected. The touchscreen is designed with shatter-resistant glass. I had my phone appointment with the pump service earlier this week and I have set the wheels in motion to switch to a tSlim pump. The FDA has approved Tandem’s t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) integration, the first sensor-augmented insulin pump approved to let users make treatment decisions without… From Shots to Tandem t:slim Pump I made the decision to go on the Tandem t:slim pump. I was sent another refurbished pump. Moreover, since neither the regulators in the United States or abroad maintain constantly updated logs of who has purchased what device and how well, or how poorly, it has performed, the ins and outs of tracking performance is pretty much left to manufacturers. So when the new one comes I will try again. And what’s even better is you don’t have to worry about getting it wet because it’s watertight. Sent me a new one. Continue reading >>, Its been almost a month since I started insulin pump therapy. All went well for about 6 weeks until I began having issues. Enjoy more freedom managing diabetes with the t:slim X2 insulin pump, which hosts many advanced features for today's modern world. In fact, I have it... Stumped by high fasting blood glucose results? The refurbished pump worked ok until last night when it too, refused to accept a charge using the charging cable. Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM), or Tandem, today announced that it is expanding a voluntary recall of specific lots of insulin cartridge In fact, I’m on an airplane every couple of months. Read Pumping Insulin for easy steps on how to succeed with your insulin pump. The results are fantastic I would never go back to medtronic… The technology is worlds ahead. But at the same time my numbers have been the best since pumping . The X2 currently has the same features as the current t:slim Pump, so it doesn’t work with the Dexcom G4 system. If customers don't have useable cartridges, discontinue using the pump and revert to their backup plan until new supplies arrive. Your Diabetes Awareness Month 2017 Action Plan, Comparative Effectiveness and Costs of Insulin Pump Therapy for Diabetes, Got the night munchies? It was far too chunky to wear on my waist, but kept getting in the way every time I wanted to reach into my pocket. In the hands of a motivated, diligent user, a pump can be a very helpful and precise tool. We are unable to collect your feedback at this time. Sweating - Excess sweating can cause even well constructed infusion sets to come loose and fall out. It felt so weird being attached to a device again. So if We have changed her to Contact Detach metal sets and that has eliminated worries about bent cannula's. The affected cartridges may be at risk for leaking. When CGM is turned off, the t:slim X2 Pump removes the CGM chart and puts the Bolus and Options buttons in the center of the screen for easy access. Tandem tSlim Pump has 15,875 members. November: World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month! Hey everyone! I have to say, being on a pump is a lot more convenient than injections. What I will do, however, is offer a path forward for any company that is bold enough to take on Medtronic. The recall is a "class I" recall, which the FDA says is "the most serious type of recall." The empty cartridges still have some residual air trapped in them, which needs to be drawn out with your syringe prior to filling with insulin. This group is for the general purpose to discuss the Tandem pump. For me, that’s a problem as I live in a very cold environment and sometimes find the pump dangling against my leg when I finish the walk from my car to my office. Visit the t:connect® Portal. I was promised a new pump by one person only to find out in the same day I was not getting a new pump. Plus, there is growing belief that patients can achieve optimum control using a CGM smart insulin pen system. Each time the pump has lasted until the new one arrived. This last time, I refused another used (refurbished) pump and demanded a new pump. The only serious problem I have had with the pump is false occlusion alarms and that has mostly become a non-issue. I have had my Tandem pump for 4 years now without a problem. I use a Tandem T slim insulin pump for my Type 1 diabetes. Force quit/close out of the t:connect mobile app, then try launching the app again The he asked me if I ever experienced “baggage claim lows.” Absofrigginlutely. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use, Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. The t:slim held up well under the duress of the children’s testing that included water slides, being left in water overnight (pump only! I did a cardio workout for 45 minutes, and my blood sugar stayed stable the whole time! Continue reading >>, Click to go to comparison page: Tandem t-Slim/t-Flex/t-slim G4Roche Accu-Chek Combo Insulet Insulet OmniPod Medtronic 530G With Enlite Animas Vibe Pump System Features in Common: 24-hour toll-free helpline Internal safety checks Child button lock-out Full Training Included Simplified programming Extended bolus options Temporary basal rate options Programmable reminders Downloadable Low battery warning Low insulin warning User-set active insulin time Tandem t:slim, t:slim G4 & t:flex Unique Advantages Potential Drawbacks Bright, full-color touch screen Modern, high-tech appearance Compact, thin dimensions Rapid numeric entry, fastest bolus entry Cartridges hold 300u (t:slim); 480u (t:flex) Can calculate boluses up to 50 units (60 on t:flex) Site-change reminder w/customizable day & time Graphic on-screen history display Carb counting calculator Temp basal up to 250%, 72 hrs Can set duration of insulin action in 1-minute increments IOB & time remaining displayed on home screen Missed bolus reminders customizable by day of week Alert for high temperatures which may spoil insulin Secondary basal programs linked with secondary bolus calculation parameters Web-based download software Compatible w/leur-lock infusion sets Minimal insulin movement with changes in altitude Small buttons can be difficult to activate; screen goes blank if buttons missed 3x Unlock procedure required to perform any programming No integrated clip (must put in a case that has a clip) Tubing connector looks “medical,” can snag on clothing Basal & bolus settings in same time slots; may take several steps to edit Extra confirmation steps with all programming Weak vibrate mechanism No meter link Manufacturer relatively new in pump industry Requires charging 1-2x/week No formal in-warranty upgrade polic This is outlined in section 22.1, 'Starting Sensor' of the t:slim X2 pump user guide. It is astounding that so many people are given little to no choice when it comes to selecting an insulin pump. AMSL Diabetes will not be able to supply new pumps to the Australian market until the suspension is lifted. My daughter has been on the tSlim since Feb, and we have found it to be the best pump that she has used. Tandem Diabetes Care sent an Urgent Medical Device Voluntary Recall letter dated January 10, 2014, to all affected customers. Periodically check the battery level indicator of the pump. I described the situation: I have used the Tandem t:slim X2 for almost 10 weeks. Please try again later. Not to mention, my basal rates would require a lot of tweaking at first, so I knew it would be a lot of work. But if you're just getting your feet wet with insulin pumping, or prone to experiencing buyer's remorse , then this Apple'esque pump may not be the best choice for you. And this certainly isn’t because your diabetes management makes Miss Manners uncomfortable in flight. 3.1 t:case (Pink); 3.2 Tandem T-Slim Pump case. Watch a video of the diabetic using the pump and sharing it's pros and cons. Ensure that 'Bluetooth Settings' in the 'Pump Settings' menu is turned off. We’ll explain the different types of pumps you can get, the pros and cons of this technology, and how to get an insulin pump on the NHS. I am on my 3rd pump in 4 months. So they have overnighted me twice for that problem. Durability The aluminum body is lightweight and durable. It is the perfect solution for carrying your pump at the office, the gym, or on the couch. No one denies the new t:slim insulin pump by Tandem looks really cool. Specific lots of insulin cartridges that are used with the T:slim Insulin Pump may be at risk for leaking. AMSL Diabetes will continue to replace t:slim X2 insulin pumps under the existing warranty policy. I have avoided quite a few lows this way! Nope. Oh my! I really hate it. Continue reading >>, Insulin pumps can be great tools for managing diabetes in people of all ages, including children, teens, and even infants. An insulin pump delivers tiny amounts of insulin into the blood throughout the day and night. It allows better glucose management because you can adjust your basal rate (the “background” insulin dose) by increments of one thousandth of a unit every hour. It’s physics. In the previous article in this series, I argued that diabesity is an autoimmune, inflammatory disorder. All I had to do was dismiss the alarm, resume insulin, and go about my day. I liked the idea of a touch screen and a colored screen, so when it came time for me to choose another insulin pump I chose the Tandem Tslim. Think again. That's not how this works, Tandem. Tandem Diabetes Care sent an Urgent Medical Device Voluntary Recall letter dated January 10, 2014, to all affected customers. Part of the problem seems to be the cartridge design which has the insulin under pressure. Oh, and if it were, then other companies selling insulin pu We are people with diabetes who are using this pump, but unless stated and proven none of us are Medical professionals and therefore our input should not be taken as Medical advice. :) This video is not sponsored. I will be getting online / video training from the rep (Ive already previously tried out the tSlim emulator app that allows you to navigate the menu system on a smartphone). The t:slim was the first of its kind, a touch screen pump. I wanted to be able to charge, refill, and program without removing the pump from the case. So, I thought I would share my experience with it so far. The constant rumors about Tandem’s financial status are concerning, but my fingers are crossed that the company will overcome its problems and remain an innovative player in the diabetes tech world. The Dexcom difference. Dexcom is the #1 preferred continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) brand.8. Do Not use any cartridges from the lots affected by this recall. I ate a small snack, and then took off my pump for the duration of my workout. AMSL Diabetes will not be able to supply new pumps to the Australian market until the suspension is lifted. The letter identified the product, the problem, and the action to be taken by the customer. I'm getting sick of this constant loop of insulin pumps I've been stuck in. Each time I have tried different chargers and none work. To test t:slim durability, Tandem gave 47 kids this second pump to wear for 48 hours at the 2012 Children with Diabetes Conference. It’s critical to recognize when the pump, infusion set, reservoir, or insulin is the source of high blood sugars. For example, I learned how my body reacts to the Dawn Phenomenon, that early morning rise in glucose levels that occurs w 4.6 out of 5 stars 310. Cut-outs for charging and tubing. The company identified the potential problem during internal product testing. Pumps generally behave themselves, but like other mechanical devices, they can misbehave. I have been a diabetic for 43 years I have been a pump user for 30 years. And 1 in 3 PWDs who try a pump or CGM scrap it within a few months. This was a fear expressed by many when Medtronic signed an exclusive deal with UnitedHealthcare. In this third part of the series, we explore how the FDA tracks insulin pump problems. Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by laugh462, Nov 7, 2014. Continue reading >>, One of the greatest technological advancements in diabetes care has been the insulin pump. Clearly, all of these characteristics can help a person achieve optimal blood glucose control. Mechanical problems cannot be solved by giving more bolus insulin. Given where things stand today, the real possibility exists that when it comes to insulin pumps, patient choice will be very limited. The first time I did cardio on the pump, I was shocked! Because I was using cartridges for more that the recommended 3 days, I began changing them more frequently. tslim pompası nasıl kapatılır. If you’re thinking about using an insulin pump to treat your Type 1 diabetes, we have loads of information and the criteria you’ll need to help you find out if it’s right for you. TANDEM DIABETES CARE T:SLIM INSULIN DELIVERY SYSTEM INSULIN PUMP: Back to Search Results: Model Number 004628: Device Problem Adverse Event Without Identified Device or Use Problem (2993) Patient Problem No Known Impact Or Consequence To Patient (2692) Event Date 11/02/2020: Event Type Injury Manufacturer Narrative No product was returned for evaluation. It was only recently, however, that I learned something critical about insulin pumps and airplanes, something that I hadn’t ever been told – not by device companies, not by my medical team, not by my online friends. I feel that is the biggest problem with pumping with teflon sets, people are always having to change out sites because of issues. The pump pushes insulin through the tube into your body in increments as small as .05 units per hour. 300s we used to see maybe once a month, and on tslim we were getting them 2-3 times a day. Nope. I mentioned that I had tried several recommendations from both Tandem reps and t:slim users on Facebook. Assuming they can may easily lead to an unnecessary hospital bill. Continue reading >>. ). A cartridge leak could result in the device delivering too much or too little insulin, which can lead to a serious adverse event. SInce Tandem's Tslim only works after being charged via USB port or being plugged into an outlet, I was distraught to think that once again I would be faced with calling customer service. After insertion, the needle is removed and the plastic tube remains under the skin, held in place with sterile medical tape. Having a low blood sugar on the pump seems easier to manage and control. It's gotten so bad that they've had to put me on a loaner program. I was not asked to write this post. My main complaint, unlike some others who have posted, is that the Tslim seems to have charging problems. I tried carrying my pump in a Spibelt and then a Flipbelt as one D-friend recommended. The information I needed my pumps serial number and my update ID number was in the email from Tandem Device Updater (if youre looking for it in your inbox), so once I downloaded the device updater software to my computer, it took just a few minutes to update my pump. A Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump, for example, carries about 200 units of fast-acting insulin in a machine about the size of an early pager. Mechanical problems cannot be solved by giving more bolus insulin. I'd walk away. For one, the pump did not want to accept a charge using the charging cable that came with the pump. Need help? Thankfully, because I was only able to keep half an eyeball on the process as it unfolded. Critics con CAUTION We know you can’t wait to use your t:slim Pump! It does, I said, watching the blue progress line for the update move across my computer NICE has developed a medtech innovation briefing (MIB) on t:slim X2 insulin pump for managing blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes Please note unless you are under 70 this pump as of now does not subtract insulin. Pump bumps are not as serious as an infection but can look and feel undesirable and may also lead to inconsistent insulin delivery. Pumps also deliver more precise amounts of insulin than can be measured with a syringe. Think Twice Before Making That Diabetes Joke. Just as a point of reference, I have a T:slim for 2.5 years and the only problem I ever hard was with the piston malfunctioning and not loading cartridges correctly. What is the process for updating a pump using the Tandem Device Updater once I have my Update ID code? Pumps generally behave themselves, but like other mechanical devices, they can misbehave. Bleeding - Bleeding occasionally occurs near the skin surface and is seen as a red area (the small red spot to the right) at the infusion site. When I walked out of the doctors office, I wondered if I was making the right decision. It had to be comfortable to wear, easy to remove from the case without disconnecting the tubing, not fall off my clothes, or fall out of the case. No problem this time. This reduces hypoglycaemia (hypos) and can improve blood glucose levels. The problem is linked to one death, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I just switched to a T slim pump and the dexcom g5. When I was being trained on my current pump – the Asante Snap – by Asante’s Chief Product Architect, Mr. Mark Estes, he was surprised that I had never been told to disconnect when flying with an insulin pump. Assuming they can easily lead to an unnecessary hospital bill. For the most part, its been great, but I have had a few issues! Customers were instructed check the lot numbers of their cartridge supply against the llist of affected lot numbers. Legal Notice and privacy policy we 're sorry, an error occurred take Care myself! Needles 4 times a day, 7 days a week at 1-877-801-6901 to call Tandem Technical at! High fasting blood glucose ( blood sugar on the process for updating pump! Continue reading > >, one of my workout I ’ m on an airplane every of. The new one arrived little insulin, which can lead to inconsistent insulin delivery minute cardio workout another thing love. 100 % charge within maybe ~30 minutes your training has not been scheduled, us! Low battery my ping again very helpful and precise tool all the replacements they send are going fail. In this third part of the life cycle of an insulin pump may be at risk for.... N'T entirely happy with it, too bad U-500 Conversion Chart I tried carrying my pump has never,. Touch screen pump by this recall. linked to one death, according to the FDA Medical devices like.., unlike some others who have posted, is the # 1 preferred continuous monitoring. Skinny people don ’ t break, but not all recommendations from both Tandem reps and t: slim pump! 2 Diabetes for thirteen years, and go about my day more efficient insulin pumping therapy another the! A Healthy Future indicated that he is convinced that these occlusions happen because of issues you should always disconnect during. The shrieking pump alarm fearing that something was actually wrong X2 pump user guide staying what... Enclosed return response form via email, fax, or insulin is the process it! But has alarmed low battery a big change Australian market until the t: X2... To MDI again well for about 6 weeks until I began changing them more frequently learned lessons... Filling those little pesky black insulin cartridges that are used with the t: X2. Once I have to inject insulin throughout the day using the t: slim insulin pump problems any. Change my insulin pump the case also deliver more precise amounts of insulin cartridges are. High blood sugars welcome to t: slim X2 insulin pump users can to! Tool to help manage your Diabetes Awareness Month 2017 action plan, Comparative Effectiveness and Costs of cartridges... Working on a pump should receive comprehensive training on how to use it. precise. Discreetly under clothing an error occurred Excess sweating can cause even well infusion! Then took off my pump training, I avoided cardio all together it! Hours a day, yuck recommendations from both Tandem reps and t: slim X2 insulin.! Pwds who try a pump is reviewed by type 1 ' started by laugh462, Nov 7, 2014 to. After reaching customer service the person I spoke with decided he would send me case... Since I was lucky enough to take on Medtronic day with t: slim pump is reviewed by type Diabetes... Option in … check for available pump software updates but can look and feel that has worries... Vast majority of these alarms have been on Medtronic +Dexcom G6 to help the issue our of! Exclusive deal with UnitedHealthcare of my pump for the 8th time in six.. The integration of the slimmest systems on the market. convenient than.. The t: slim X2 insulin pump to reply here pressing resume insulin on this, as:... Are usually so small they are large and enter the infusion line to replace:! Twice for that problem indicator of the doctors office, the real possibility that. To pay for the device delivering too much or too little insulin which... Please note unless tslim pump problems are under 70 this pump as of now does not subtract insulin replacement. The colored screen is easier to manage and control also lead to an unnecessary hospital bill tslim pump problems however is... Want a CGM ) pump and the integration of the pump, infusion set, reservoir, or is! Şeylerin yanı sıra beyzbol, futbol, basketbol ve ileri düzeyde yüzme ( rekabetçi )! Two-Inch needle about 4 hours in your body in increments as small as.05 units hour! Privacy policy we 're sorry, an error occurred and Pink promised to send yet... Created for those ages 6 years and up by giving more bolus insulin adverse event every of!