A locus" is a location, loci is the plural. o Steak. The method of loci, also known as the memory palace technique or the journey method, is probably the most versatile mnemonic filing system ever devised. For example, areas where you study may trigger you to remember information that was encoded in that space. Loci is Latin for "places", and the ancient Greeks are credited for creating this method. In the following figure, you can see the path I follow in the house and also the associations between the items of the list and the places of the house. o Bike. o Soccer. One of the oldest mnemonic systems is the method of loci [LOW-sye]. )It was also later used to assist those performing speeches to help them remember all of the points they needed to include and in which order to present them. With this in mind, it is easy to see how this technique could be beneficial for us to remember data. The loci method of memory involves placing images of whatever you need to remember inside a “memory palace,” which is a memory of a real place you know very well, such as your childhood home. I chose the Parthenon due to an association with Simonides of Ceos and stories that link the origin of … The method of loci is also referred to as the memory palace technique or the journey method. Method of Loci. o Computer. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the method of loci originally goes back to the use of imagery by the poet Simonides (c.556-c.468 B.C. Let’s suppose that you want to memorize the following list: o Monkey. The “method of loci” is just one example of a mnemonic method. To mind map the Method of Loci, for example, our central image could be a Parthenon-esque column to represent the origin of this incredible mnemonic device. The list is a random one. Method of Loci, also called a Memory Palace, refers to creating a mental image of an area that is familiar to you, usually a private home or a path that you take very often. o Cell phone . Using the Method of Loci … o Apples. Then, you turn the information that you want to remember into a concrete thing and place them along the path of your mental palace or route. In addition, the method of loci is the oldest identified mnemonic strategy. The Method of Loci is a mnemonic device that dates back to Ancient Greek times, making it one of the oldest ways of memorizing we know of. The method of loci uses locations of a familiar place (imagined in memory) as a framework for memory retrieval. The method of loci is a mnemonic strategy with a long history. Method of Loci Example . Example of Methods of Loci Source: Psychology of Learning Page 4 of 9 Learning and Studying Effectively Pegword Method - Is a mnemonic technique that relies on you knowing a 10 item rhyme to associate 10 numbers with 10 “peg” objects. This method is very good at helping you memorize information for a test. A Mind Palace (originally referred to as the Method of Loci), is a memory device used to commit a large amount of information to memory by combining visual and spatial memory.