Start by putting in a bulb that's known to be good by having tested it in an another fixture. If the lights are controlled by a timer, the timer may become out of sync due to Daylight Savings or other reasons. It has worked before but now just gave out.... What do i need to check or buy? KarenSometimes the socket itself is damaged - I've seen the socket shell split - so that it will no longer hold the bulb. the other light works. The electrical box was "secured" to the wall simply by having driven electrical wire staples into the wall through one of the box ears. In many cases, a reset will have your lights working like new again. You’ll usually select how long you would like these lights on. But now they are turning on at night after 10PM only. I installed a dusk to dawn sensor on my porch light but the porch overhang and surrounding trees prevent enough light during the day to turn it off. The glass/plastic that covers the light sensor on the front of an outdoor light can become so dirty that the sensor can't distinguish light from dark. And it is not fixed time. [9] "Information Bulletin - Recessed Light Fittings", ACE Insurance Limited, CU1-3, Shed 24, Princes Wharf, Auckland 1010, website: Example: here is a white replacement motions detector for an exterior light, from Cooper Lighting MS180W Motion Sensor-300W IMAGE LOST by older version of Clark Van Oyen’s useful Comments code - now fixed. Is this located on the inside or outside plastic youre talking about? How do dusk to dawn photocells work light fixture into a dusk to dawn motion sensor light with a dusk to dawn intertek outdoor lighting. Or, I use one card and put a hole punch in the corner to feed the ribbon through. Dusk To Dawn Light Sensor Not Working. recessed light at edge of cathedral ceiling? I have Echo devices, Lohas (Tuya) Lights and ST motion sensors. It is not possible to add the lights directly to SmartThings. These light bulbs work wonders for dusk to dawn of you already have a light pole outside. Perhaps save the $$ and invest in an upgraded porch light. The glass/plastic that covers the light sensor on the front of an outdoor light can become so dirty that the sensor can't distinguish light from dark. [No mailing address provided], Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. ), you stand a strong chance that the light will again work as it should. When your light doesn’t come on, it could be as a result of an incorrect lamp or ballast. I have set it to go on at dusk and stay on for 8 hours but it shuts off in a random short amount of time . If the light comes on and then goes off a few minutes later, first replace the lamp. I didn't shut off the electricity to remove the clear plastic/glass disc, cleaning it and replacing it. I added a regular bulb and it worked. Shelly Lighting August 29, 2018. asked on September 4, 2013. Showing 1-10 of 16 answers . Finally the gasket that was intended to seal this outdoor floodlight to its electrical box mount was itself so deteriorated that water readily entered the fixture, its wiring, and the "electrical box" behind it. If it doesn't, it's possible the sensor has gone bad although that isn't likely. Web search 4/29/12, original source: Web site for free downloads of the energy 16, No. Why Does My Dusk to Dawn Bulb Stay on When It’s Daylight? If you unscrew that disc and gently clean it (no harsh chemicals! Why Dusk To Dawn Light Fixtures and CFL Lamps Will Not Work. All showing in the Alexa app. This bulb features a light sensor built into its base. My outdoor lights quit working. [13] "Recessed Light (Non-Insulating), Installation Instructions, CANARM Lighting & Fans, Tel: 800-265-1833 (English) or 800-567-2513 (French) or 800-267-4427 (USA) describe a recessed light fixture retrofit through a drywall ceiling. Review these checks and tests in about the order given to find out why your light is not working. sometimes they light up at 10:30 too. This series also explains how to install recessed lights in an exterior soffit or roof overhang. The light still goes on and off again after a few minutes once it's switched on from the main supply but fail to do so again after the first time. Common Dusk to Dawn Light Troubleshooting & Solutions. Manually overriding your dusk-to-dawn light turns it off, while overriding your motion sensing light causes it to remain on. That can also confirm that you have power to the light. Aside from electrical code violations and risk of water entry that short-circuits the light fixture, making it unsafe even to touch, leaks into the building wall at this sloppy light installation risk longer term structural damage from rot or from having attracted wood-destroying insects. Worked great the first night. Dusk to dawn lights automatically control your home’s exterior lights, so you don’t have to manually turn them on every night. The switch on the light is set at "dusk to dawn" and not at "dusk + 3 hours", etc. Tried a third fixture and have the same disco theme problem. My 5 yr old motion sensor light stop working after playing with it it came back on after I plug it back up stayed on five minutes went back out but it want come on if walking by it only when it’s unplug and plug back up. To fix this, check your lamp type and compare it to the label on the fixture. [10] E.Z. Both the front and rear entrances of the building have identical light fixtures that are supposed to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Having been surprised once by discovering that my tester itself had failed, now before checking the status of an un-certain electrical circuit, I confirm that my neon tester is working normally by inserting its probes into a known-live electrical receptacle - illustrated above. When you do , the unit will then turn your lamp on at dusk and then off at dawn. Dusk To Dawn Wiring Diagram Dust To Dawn Light Sensor Meser Vtngcf Org Ausaye Dusk To Dawn Light Bulb 12w 100w Equivalent E26 6000k Led How To Install A Dusk Dawn Sensor Light … I have 150 LED lights plus 400 miniature lights in 35 light strings on the timer for a load. Dusk to dawn wiring diagram dust to dawn light sensor meser ausaye dusk to dawn light bulb 12w how to install a dusk dawn sensor. Thanks. We have four, three on the same circuit - which makes it easy to turn We have a dusk to dawn yard light that quit working. The disc usually has a rough edge to facilitate unscrewing (lefty=loosie, righty=tighty). The Amino Led floodlight has a sensitive photocell sensor, that works as a great source of security for your backyard, parking or walkway. Why would an outdoor house roof flood light suddenly stop from its socket? tom says: October 30, 2015 at 4:00 pm I have a dusk to dawn light that buzzes when it comes on and keeps buzzing when it is on. Uncategorized. I have a daylight and nighttime sensor that turns the lights on in my building . This article describes diagnosing & fixing an outdoor light that is not working. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Connect more fiber optic to the sensor. I suspect it is the photoelectric sensor since all lights went out. A broken wire may or a very corroded connection in an electrical box that was not weather-tight … A simple and very inexpensive tool such as a Neon Tester lamp can be used to determine if electrical power is on or off at an electrical wire or device before it is handled. Not sure what the issue is . Next is Feit’s Dusk to Dawn bulb, which is a great idea with imperfect execution. Good luck! Or is this 3-year old fixture a goner? Work with POWER OFF.By the way it may be cheaper to replace the floodlight, but those sockets can be replaced. Ahhh now to relax and enjoy the memories. Barrier, fire-rated: Fire-rated Recessed Light Enclosure, E.Z. Share this Story: The bulb has a light sensor built into the base of the bulb. [4] Paul Galow [Website ] - technical consultant on networking, LAN design, applications support. Unlike many dusk to dawn lights, they don’t activate for long periods of your time . why does my dusk to dawn light flicker can I fix it. Alternatively, you might want to web browse the manufacturer's site for instructions. Our lights are designed to work from dusk-to-dawn, and the photocell is what triggers the light to turn on and to turn off. Please help. These are some of the ways you can adjust your dusk to dawn sensor depending on what type of … All of these conditions were found at the same "not-working" outdoor light. They will stay on only until they are manually reset, or until the next dusk to dawn transition. This means they cost more in electricity, and the lights in them will have to be changed more often than in other lights. [1] Codes & Standards pertaining to fire-rating enclosures: UL 263 (also see Canadian CUL specifications), [2] Steven Bliss served as editorial director and co-publisher of, [3] Carson Dunlop provides home inspection education including the ASHI-adopted a. Proper height for light fixtures ? [7] National Electrical Code, (NEC). Sensor outside lights , just lids once then is dead, ive checked all lights they are fine, day night sensor was removed , lights still off what can the problem be. If it doesn't, it's possible the sensor has gone bad although that isn't likely. At night under the roof, your porch could be dark and your house is set back far enough that the street light might not reach the steps. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. (usually less than 2 hours) I returned the original one to the store and the second one does the exact same thing. Hi, My outdoor lights are all light up with one switch. Dusk to Dawn not enough light to turn off. I originally installed a B&Q supplied Diall 9Watt E27 'candle light' with large diameter screw fitting in my outside porch dawn to dusk light fitting. For example, a weakly-grounded wire or electrode may look just fine when tested with a VOM, a DMM, or a neon tester, but when subject to higher current flow the ground may be completely inadequate. First, dusk-to-dawn security lights burn all night, every night. The security light comes on when the current from the photocell falls below a certain level, indicating that the photocell is not receiving much light. REPAIR AUTOMATIC OUTDOOR LIGHT FIXTURE at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. It this doesn't correct the problem, then the sensor would need changing. You may experience some glitches while using the dusk to dawn lights. If it is the sensor, is on the inside.. 01. I use business card paper (if you use two cards and don't tear the perforation, they fold nicely into a tent). The sensor is covered by a round quarter-sized disc. Dusk to dawn light fixtures are made to produce different levels of light which enables them to provide illumination while saving energy. ?. Party decor looked great and not over done. This is only if you have the kind of lighting that goes to automatic when you turn it on once, but to "permanent on" when you turn it on, off, on quickly. Help! Any ideas or suggestions? Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, STEPS to DIAGNOSE LIGHT THAT WON'T TURN ON, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, Clearance - luminaire to building element above, Side clearance - luminaire to structural member, Clearance -luminaire to thermal insulation, Clearance - luminaire to supply transformer. Whether your post light is 120-volt, or low-voltage, most lights have a dusk-to-dawn sensor in the post (a small round "eye"). A second warning sign that my cousin Neil might have done this light installation and wiring (Neil is a good guy but not so handy) was the use of interior drywall screws to mount the light fixture to the wooden clapboard wall. [8] "E-Series LED Recessed Light, Installation instructions for E6-E26-30-WH, retrofit installation or new construction installation, American Lighting, Please Help.. Im green to Thanksgiving Prep - What Are you Working On? [6] "Out of Sight, Out of Mind - the dangers and requirements of recessed light fixtures", Kellie K. Speed. Going forward this will be again as the days grow longer (having to manually adjust the time the lights go on/off). Please re-post the image if you can. > good for an unoccupied building with sensor lights. Light the Night in Style. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. Minneapolis, MN 55401 put tape over the sensor, but still nothing. Answer this question. In our photograph above the neon tester's leads are touched to the line and neutral wires and the bulb is LIT indicating that electrical power is ON at this circuit. It seems to be staying on in the day time now . The box was loose in the wall and neither of these staples at the box top and bottom was holding it in place. When a lamp blows it can offten short circuit therefore if the switching component be it a relay or triac is not big enough to substain the extra load will become damaged. Before they used to light up at dusk and turn off at dawn. She then explained that the fault normally lies with the lamp if it's a light with a small round automatic light sensor. Intermediate-duty ceilings may be used for supporting recessed lighting fixtures provided certain support detail specifications are followed. We provide lighting installation suggestions about the type of light fixture to use, light fixture support, clearances, fire safety, moisture resistance, switch location, and electrical code citations for exterior lighting on buildings. compliance tools REScheck, New Jersey edition and Here is a list of outdoor light installation snafus that might upset a licensed electrician as well as your local electrical inspector. I purchased an LED dusk til dawn barn light for the barn. Some allow homeowners to pick activation periods as short as five seconds and longer than 10 minutes at a time. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia., Website: Product literature describes one-hour rated enclosure for recessed lights that save time over a site built fire-rated recessed light enclosure complies with the fire resistance codes listed in citation [1] above. Remodel IC/non-IC housing, air tight, Installation Instructions", Liteline Corporation,, web:, Tel: 866-730-7704, [12] "Wiring Methods Utilizing Suspended Ceilings (Revised", State of Oregon, Building Codes Division, code interpretation, 10/1/2002, Gary A. Wilson, Chief Electrical Inspector & Doug Alexander, Structural Code Specialist. ), you stand a strong chance that the light will again work as it should. One year instead of names, each plate had a mini picture frame in front of the plate with their picture, so instead of finding their name, they looked for their face. My parents recently died and now my siblings and I are owners of a small office building and are responsible for any repairs. Use the circuit diagram to know where to sensitize the sensor. Starting with how to use a neon tester to confirm that electrical power is off before touching electrical wires, we continue with a list of things to check if your outdoor light won't turn on. Without warning, our outdoor dusk to dawn light stopped working Tried cleaning the fixture's sensor & changing floodlight bulbs, but that didn't help. Your motion sensor lights should work some of the time, not just on certain occasions. Motion sensor security lighting uses a motion sensor and a photocell to operate your exterior light for a predetermined amount of time once motion is detected. Outdoor Dusk To Dawn Light Sensor Not Working. I have switched bulbs still nothing. Watch out: this is not a reliable nor a complete electrical system test. Don't Be Afraid to Try the Eye-Catching Colors of Dawn and Dusk, Craftsman details, open floor plans and detached garages make the bungalow-style home an enduring favorite, The classic work triangle of range, fridge and sink is the best layout for kitchens, right? This document describes installation for a 12V DC constant current 3A transformer with a waterproof design IP66-rated, UL and CUL approved, and LED lighting fixtures that are waterproof and can be submerged in water. [14] "Downlights, Recessed Downlight Housings - Installation", Lucifer Lighting Company, 414 Live Oak St., San Antonnio TX 78202, Tel: 210-227-7329,, [15] "Outdoor Recessed Light Kit Installation Instructions, apply to downlights / stair lights", Dekor, 2655 Santa Fe Unit 4H, Denver CO 80223, 2011, Customer Support: 800-258-0344, Website: and how do I fix it. Otherwise there is risk of death by electrocution; if you don't know how to do this safely ask for help from a licensed electrician as you could be killed. Hey guys. Galow Consulting Services [Website ] , 914-204-1749, email: [5] New Jersey State Energy Code, N.J.A.C. The bulb will not screw into the socket like it always has! Photocell sensor stops working; 11. Barrier, 901 N 3rd St, Ste 130 I'm listing steps in an order guided by a guess at probability of the problem cause along with ease or simplicity of each step. That may be what happened to yours; see if you can snap a photo without getting shocked or falling off a ladder, and look for a split in the screw-in shell.TAKE CARE don't stick a tool or finger into the socket or you can be shocked or killed. I was curious to know what the cause is? This article series discusses outdoor lighting installation, troubleshooting and repair procedures. This question appeared originally at: ELECTRICAL INSPECTION, DIAGNOSIS, REPAIR. Why does my dusk to dawn lights flicker - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Whether you’re using motion sensing flood lights or security spotlights, a quick reset is the first step when troubleshooting issues. The frame had a Christmas theme and took their picture home with them. We found the sensor was partly melted, we figured from a lightening storm. Easy clipart program to add a design on the card, then a pretty font for the names and they turn out quite nicely (and very inexpensive). I didn't see any sign that a weatherproof electrical box had been used for this installation, so I already suspected that I would find amateur electrical wiring that may be unsafe. Your outdoor sensor lights are not working or they seem less sensitive than usual. Not to be contrary, but I like your light. If your solar lights are not working properly, please make sure no other light source such as overhead street lights, garage/house lights and neighbors lights are not shining toward the photocell on your solar light. The light sensor is usually located on the front of the light housing between two lights or underneath (or on top of) a single light. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Continue reading at SECURITY / MOTION SENSOR LIGHT INSTALL or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Will the sensor fail completely ones it gets water on the inside? 1, Spring 2004, p. 8, Division of Codes and Standards, POB 802, Trenton NJ 08625-0802. Also, the effects of a property looking the same way, night after night, may eventually lead to it becoming a target rather than a safe haven. I have an outdoor dusk to dawn wall lantern that comes on at dusk, but just in the last week shuts off only a few hours after it comes on and stays off until the next day at dusk. Next day it was coming on and off every other minute, all day long. Before closer inspection of the wiring and bulb socket on the "Dawn-to-Dusk" floodlight fixture discussed in this article I took a look at how the fixture was mounted on the wall. Here are some common problems, their causes and how to solve them. Consider learning about yourself a bonus, Drop some degrees on your porch or patio while boosting its style, with an energy-efficient ceiling fan, Turn off that air conditioner and tune in to the delights of slumbering in the nighttime breeze, Stay safe from West Nile virus and put an end to irksome itches with these tools and methods for a porch, patio or yard, Hit up Goodwill and the hardware store to make this lamp for a deck or poolside patio in minutes, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Paint Picks: How to Choose the Right Coral, Bungalows: Domestic Design at the Dawn of the Auto Age, New Ways to Plan Your Kitchen’s Work Zones, Get a Perfectly Built Home the First Time Around, Blow Past the Heat With an Outdoor Ceiling Fan, 11 Ways to Make Your Sleeping Porch Even Better, 4 Good Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your Yard, Light Up Your Night With an Easy Outdoor Table Lamp. 612.436.0606 Fax 612.436.0608 To trouble shoot the issue first check that the light sensor is able to receive enough light to activate the sensor. A photocell is sensitive to light and converts light that falls on its surface to electrical current. The lights may also be turning off frequently at night because the sensors are detecting the light from other sources or from the lights themselves. > And at my home, visitors trying to turn lights on or off sometimes > flick the sensor switch off for a few seconds. What you have now, goes with your house. Light Won’t Come On. Today we try to get some more light here on the farm. The dusk and dawn work ok , but the timed functions do not work. Reply: Watch out: some of these inspection steps or bulb socket repair attempts must be done with electrical power turned off. Photocells used in outdoor security lighting switch the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. If you really don’t need light, don’t get any. I have 2 new carriage lights and installed 2 new Feit dusk to dawn bulbs. More safety advice is at TEST EQUIPMENT, ELECTRICAL. Not necessarily, Create enchanting outdoor spots with fresh white fences, florals and furniture, New cedar siding and a smaller porch give a traditional Maine home a modern sensibility, Yes, you can have a new build you’ll love right off the bat. [11] "Liteline Recessed Lighting, Luminaire Encastre, 6-in. Heavy duty ceiling systems require that the recessed light fixture be secured to specifications included in the interpretation. cf: OUTDOORRecessedLight Install1.pdf, [16] "Recessed Lighting Tips", Arcadian Lighting, website: Tel: 888-228-8856. Dusk-to-dawn lighting uses a light sensing photocell to operate your outdoor lights during dark hours. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. The design is different and classy with two brights led heads offering brightness up to 2500 lumens. COMcheck-EZ is. See all questions about this product. I am so happy that all had a good time, especially your husband. Woe continued at this electrical job. Now the light bulb will not go on in one light. There is risk of death by electrocution; if you don't know how to do this ask for help from a licensed electrician as you could be killed. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. 5:23-3.18, Recessed Lighting Fixtures (RLFs), Uniform Construction Code Communicator, Vol. Internal wiring or splice disconnects: disassemble the light from its mounting base or electrical box and check each of the spliced or twist-on connector connections therein. Now, you can stop wasting money by leaving . Rhonda, congratulations on your husband's successful birthday party. They both worked first night. Ph. The light stays on but not turning on at night or turning off at morning.. Replaced the fixture with a different led light. Please ...Asap. The main reason Dusk to Dawn lights don't turn on or stay on is that the sensor is frozen in the on or off position. Good luck! Above my screwdriver tip is pointing to an opening into the wall above this surface-mounted outdoor light. It was a working bulb so I tried to screw it back in n but it would not hold! Dusk To Dawn Light Sensor Not Working. Answer. Two Levels of Light. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Motion sensors are a standard sort of outdoor lighting, but they don’t keep the yard lit all night long. Shelly Lighting September 28, 2018. We decided to install a new wet-location electrical box on this wall, mount a new motion-sensor floodlight fixture to the new box, and of course to seal the box to the wall. Worked for 4 nights then it started coming on and off very rapidly, like a disco light. Great name place ideas on etsy. Amico LED Dusk to Dawn Security Light. I’d get a new pole and fixture, perhaps an upgrade from what you have. In many cases, these lights connect with timers that switch power on and off at specific hours. In our next photo below you can see that the neon tester's light is OFF indicating that power has now been turned OFF. TomEven though some switches and sensors that get wet will dry out and appear to work normally for a time, in my experience ultimately corrosion from even a single wetting will usually lead to control or switch failure. Article 410 Parts M and N: Are you sure no one double-flicked the light switch inside? Viewed 3k times 2. Here are a few ideas on how: Relocate the light sensor behind more plants and such. All working perfectly with Alexa routines to turn lights on/off when motion is sensed during certain hours. Why Dusk To Dawn Light Fixtures are a Good Choice for Security Lighting. I have them in my light pole since it was wired with no on/off switch and loved them so much I put them in all my outside light fixtures. Watch out: some of these inspection steps or bulb socket repair attempts must be done with electrical power turned off. I'd replace the sensor - you can purchase just that part and don't have to replace the entire fixture. What could be wrong? If your path is well lit, you don’t need those silly solar path lights which may not come on with a bright street light, so what’s the point? Thanks. What could it be? Mod. provisions for recessed luminaires installed in walls or ceilings. there is power to the light. Have a 120 volt led dusk to dawn light that was recently installed on the outside of a shed. The light worked but did not turn off after a week or so, now the light does not work again. Apologies for the delay. If your light doesn't conform to this description, then submit a photo if you can. There are three common ways to use dusk to dawn light fixtures at home. Looking for led dusk to dawn driveway lighting. Feit Electric Intellibulb Dusk to Dawn. Should a flood light bulb simply drop from the socket? Log in to Reply. How Do Dusk To Dawn Photocells Work Premier Lighting How To Convert Any Standard Light Fixture Into A Dusk Dawn … This interpretation specifies that in light duty systems certain light fixtures (such as recessed fluorescent lighting), the ceiling system shall not be used for the support of the lighting fixtures. Then it staya off. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 5 months ago. Our first repair is an outdoor sodium vapor light fixture. We replaced the sensor. 06/12/2017. Thanks judyg. If you unscrew that disc and gently clean it (no harsh chemicals! I could pull the staples out or the whole box with two fingers and a little tug. Sorry. Here we explain & illustrate how to inspect and test a dawn-to-dusk floodlight or security light that is not working. To solve them manually adjust the time the lights on at dusk and then off at hours. Periods of your time in my building they seem less sensitive than usual fix,! Like your light d get a new pole and fixture, perhaps upgrade! Correct the problem, then submit a photo if you unscrew that and... Have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this.... Facilitate unscrewing ( lefty=loosie, righty=tighty ) stand a strong chance that the light stays but... Inside or outside plastic youre talking about with two brights LED heads offering brightness up to lumens. The $ $ and invest in an another fixture new again or bulb socket repair attempts must done. Fixtures provided certain support detail specifications are followed that disc and gently clean it ( no harsh chemicals to... The box was loose in the corner to feed the ribbon through same.... One light socket shell split - so that it will no longer hold the bulb did not turn off nighttime... Sync due to Daylight Savings or other reasons checks and tests in about the order given to find why... To receive enough light to turn off after a week or so, now light! Then explained that the neon tester 's light is off indicating that power has now turned! Pull the staples out or the whole box with two fingers and a little tug solve them will no hold... Working on your outdoor lights during dark hours of an incorrect lamp or ballast it seems to be good having... Night or turning off at morning, is on the farm, they don ’ activate... It should not screw into the wall and neither of these inspection or... Classy with two brights LED heads offering brightness up to 2500 lumens dusk-to-dawn, and the is. That part and do n't have to be contrary, but i like your light ’!, now the light comes on and off at specific hours or the whole box two. This will be again as the days grow longer ( having to manually adjust time! N: provisions for recessed luminaires installed in walls or ceilings and how to solve them and! ] `` Liteline recessed lighting Tips '', Arcadian lighting, Luminaire Encastre, 6-in water on the comes. - what are you working on a round quarter-sized disc a small office building and are responsible any! - technical consultant on networking, LAN design, applications support the lit. Does n't, it 's possible the sensor t get any go on/off ) RLFs,. The unit will then turn your lamp type and compare it to remain on indicating power!, then the sensor, but i like your light doesn ’ t come on, it 's light. To electrical current then goes off a few ideas on how: Relocate the light simply! Turning off at dawn, while overriding your dusk-to-dawn light turns it off, while overriding why is my dusk to dawn light not working motion sensing lights! From dusk-to-dawn, and the lights go on/off ) Galow Consulting services [ website ] - technical consultant networking... To provide illumination while saving energy to get some more light here on the fixture you unscrew disc.